Infinite Slider Hack

Hi all! First of all thank you for this hack @Andre_Pascal_Fuentes !
I was trying to use your code and div structure but unfortunately it doesn’t work.
The only thing I changed is the name of the class “blue” with “div-slide”.
Can you please check if I missed something?

Thank you

P.S.: The slider is the one at the bottom of the page.

My read-only link: Webflow - priscabrown

Is there a way to make this work for the Finsweet CMS slider? @Andre_Pascal_Fuentes


Hi Andre. I tried this but unfortunately it is not working. I have 4 slides and it in 1st I am showing 3. After the 4th one it should repeat the 1st slide again. But it is not happening. Is there a way to do it?


Thank you for your little slider hack. Unfortunately it’s not working for me either and I dunno what I did wrong.

Here is my Read-Only Link:

And here’s my preview Link:

It’s all about this slider called “.slider praxis”


just wanted to let you know we found a solution for my problem.

  1. We had a class called .boxborderradius with an overflow property. There should not be an overflow override!

  2. The .div-put is set as flexbox and the flex child (the image inside the .div-put) needs this properties set:

Here is the overall structure and properties we set (in case the view only link goes down somehow or we make edits)

Thank you and keep up the great no-code work!


Hey Andre! Thank you for this, it works pretty nicely. Except for when I add slide in-out animations. Then it just gets crazy. If you have an X number of slides, then when the Xth gets into the mask, the anim just gets applied to all the following slides too.

Here’s a Loom. I have 4 slides and the 4th one triggers the card BG color change for all of them.

Is there any workaround for that?