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Infinite scroll | Loaded Posts' Interactions

Hello guys!

I’m having some issues with infinite scroll when new posts are loaded. The newly loaded posts don’t have the interactions as the ones before the scroll. How do I make the loaded posts show the same interactions?

I used the infinite scroll from this link:

Here is my blog:
Here is my site Read-Only:

Any help out there on this? I’m hitting the same roadblock. Interactions don’t function on pages loaded via the infinite scroll.

@neonscion I was able to replicate the interactions using transitions and custom code CSS using :hover. Happy to walk you through what I did.

You might also want to give @Finsweet’s free cms library a go. It has in-built interaction reset, and many other speed and SEO advantages over other infinite scroll solutions. I highly recommend it, and the guys behind it are super helpful if you get stuck in implementation or have any issues. It’s great!

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