Infinite Repeat Slides Toggle Not Working


I have a slider set up (on mobile only) as a workaround to allow users to swipe back and forth between two tabs. However, when they swipe right past the last slide, it loops back to the first one. I turned off Infinite Repeat Slides. Any advice?


Here is my site Read-Only:

I confirmed It restarts at slide one. I believe that has always been default behavior of the slider component. I don’t have any old ones to test against so I can’t confirm that this has always been the case. Maybe a community member who does can test.

Right - I know thats default behavior, but the toggle for Infinite Repeat Slides is supposed to turn that behavior off. I can’t test it on web, because its a mobile-only component on my site, but I’ve seen other threads that expressed that this toggle off (Infinite Repeat Slides) wasn’t working on mobile specifically.

I confirmed It restarts backwards at slide one with infinite repeat slides off. Whereas it moves through to slide 1 when on.

Right, so it seems like a bug on WebFlow’s end?

Or that is the way it has always been. Like I said, I don’t remember it being different.

But the behavior sounds the same on or off – either way, you end up at Slide 1?

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