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Infinite Marquee 'Jitters'

Hi All,

Very much the noob of this world and need some help if possible. I’ve created an infinite marquee that is two rows deep and I am having some issues with the top row ‘jittering’ or ‘skipping’ if you prefer.

This mainly happens on the tablet and below screen sizes. Especially mobile, where it is really obvious.

I’d like to believe it is as simple as changing the animation pace or position because it moves in reverse, but you guys are the experts and it would save my head if someone could help?

Many thanks all!

Here is my site Read-Only: ** Webflow - Octavia Zydel Ltd **

@madfishbiscuit ~ I just noticed that. Give me a moment. Of course I meant in the opposite direction. lol

Thanks - but that would mean they both move in the same direction?
The top one needs a different interaction because it is moving in reverse. I can’t have them in the same interaction panel either as that just causes chaos.

Am I missing something?

@madfishbiscuit ~ Here ya go:

So the first interaction will be at 0% and 0 duration. The second will be -100% and 20-second duration.

So take out the ‘third’ one I have in there?

@madfishbiscuit ~ Yes. That’s what was causing the jump.

So do I add the third separately? Because I have just done the first above above, and now they are moving in the same direction and the train leaves a gap. So I add the bottom one you have noted there, as a completely separate interaction?

Ignore my last - seen the missing bit.

okay, so that does not work. Have a look. Webflow - Octavia Zydel Ltd

You need the third interaction in there to keep the repeat looking full - if that makes sense?

@madfishbiscuit ~ I did mess up. I’m still waking up. lol. So the first interaction top marquee will be set at -100% 0 duration and the next will be 0% -20 duration.

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Hey - I’ve been asleep for weeks on this one ha!
Guess what just happened - you fixed it! Absolute legend. You know sometimes you think you have tried all combos and clearly not.

Thanks so much!

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@madfishbiscuit ~ Lol. If you wouldn’t mind marking this post as “Solved” that would be appreciated. And I forgot to welcome you to the community. :slight_smile:

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Done and thank you again!

@madfishbiscuit ~ My pleasure.

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