Infinite loop for scrolling CMS collection items

I’m wondering how to recreate the infinite loop of scrolling images seen on this site:

Specifically, I’m looking for the list to be CMS driven, so that the client can add/remove items themselves without affecting the scroll.

Apparently Fortnight’s site was built in Webflow (I saw it featured on Webflow’s Instagram feed), although I noticed when viewing images in a new window they are hosted on Fortnight’s own servers (not “”) so I assume they exported the code.

Is this type of effect possible with custom code?

They are using jquery.marquee which you can read about at

This is just a carousel that loops. There are plenty that can be integrated into WF, displaying images from a CMS collection. So yes; this is doable.

I think this is what you are after? Codepen

Thanks @webdev for sharing that link, I will check it out!