Individual Video Links within a Lightbox Gallery

Hello, we are new here.

We have a page with many artworks as our products. We are selling art but don’t using the e-commerce section for it. On our products pages there are a main image and a multi image gallery which both are connected as a Lightbox Group.

Now, we would like to present individual videos within this Lightbox group. But the only way you can put videos in your Lightbox Group is if you have the same video on every product page, but that is not the way we want it. Otherwise you can present a individual video link on the page but you can’t connect it with the Lightbox Group and the other product images.

So what is the cleverly solution for this ? :confused:

Thanks and kind regards


All good. Problem solved. I solved it with a “container” that contained the collection list with the multi gallery and the additional lightbox. So, positioning was no longer a problem. Thanks for your help …