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Individual Typekit site accounts

Some of us are using 1 Webflow account to manage multiple client sites. As it stands, only 1 Adobe Typekit account can be used to feed multiple clients/sites. This is a major bummer. Webflow should allow API keys at the client level and not at the root of the Webflow account. That way every client gets to use Typekit independently.

I agree. I’m just implementing using Typekit and have the version that comes with my Adobe subscription. I’d emailed the Adobe team about the “free” version for client use and they recommended just having the client create their own free account or create one for them. I have very few clients using Typekit as most are more than happy with Google Fonts. When I do need it…In order to use Typekit across multiple websites (not your own but clients’) you need a “business” plan for Typekit at $40/month. A client could purchase a “portfolio” subscription for $49.99/year. Please note the per month and per year difference.

Without be able to assign a Typekit account to each site we would be forced to use the $40/month option.

Please give us this ASAP. It’s a deal breaker.

@cyberdave Any word on if this will be a change that’s implemented…especially soon?

@cyberdave Is this something we can expect or should we just adjust work flow?

I was thinking about this and if it’s not possible to add this per site would it be possible if you have a Pro account or better that you could “link” to add-on accounts that are under the Pro Umbrella but that are their own account.

Hadn’t thought about this as we have one master Typekit account for all our client sites, but I could see how it would be handy. Could you get around it by installing the Typekit code yourself in the custom header? Might not be able to see it in the designer, but I’d think that would work for the time being.

@md673 So are using the monthly subscription for Typekit? Think it’s like $40ish a month?

We use Adobe CC for teams so it’s whatever comes with that.

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@cyberdave Just wondering if you guys have a good work around for this or if possibly it’s on the roadmap?

@cyberdave Any word on this? According to Adobe Licensing http://help.typekit.com/customer/portal/articles/1341590#web-client using the TypeKit Portfolio that comes with Creative Cloud is NOT allowed. So one would need to upgrade to a $40/month TypeKit plan on top of the CC subscription.

However, if we could assign an Adobe TypeKit account per site then a client could register for their own TypeKit account at $49/year. With 500,000 page views allowed that meets the needs for many smaller businesses.


I’ve reached out to Adobe to confirm because their documentation is a bit misleading…however, I contacted them before and am confident that was the case.

@thesergie and @cyberdave I did confirm with Adobe that in order to use Typekit for clients you need either to have a business plan at $40/month or have your client sign up for an account of their own which would be either $49year or $99/year. To be clear the business plan is PER MONTH.

Not being able to assign a Typekit account at the site level prohibits us from using the much cheaper and yet often acceptable solution.

Hi @jdesign, thanks for the good information. I have created a note to the dev team, about the need to have the ability to add the typekit integration key at the site level. When there is an update, I will post back on this :slight_smile:

We recently switched from individual to team accounts and are in need of API keys at the client level and not at the root of the Webflow account. That way every client gets to use Typekit independently.

Also, seems like keys that were created with our individual accounts can’t be accessed now that we have a team account. There needs to be a seemless transition when clients switch account levels.

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