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Individual Page access of Editor to different team members

Dear Community Members,
I have a website and I want to give editor access of each page to different members in my team, I don’t want any team member to have access apart from the page he is given permission for, is it possible in webflow ?


It is not yet possible to do this. All added collaborators have access to the entire site and share the same rights.

Thanks @vincent for your reply,
Please let me know your thought on following approach,

  1. I purchase 2 different Webflow account
  2. Some pages I design in Account A and some pages in Account B
  3. But both the accounts pointing to common Domain Name


I’m honestly not seeing all the implications and limitations such a solution can bring.

This is super critical for our enterprise use. Surprisingly, platforms like Weebly allow you to restrict editors to only specific pages while apparently Webflow can’t.