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Indicator for # of elements using a class in symbols not updating

The number indicator in the styles panel for how many other elements are using that class is not updating for symbols when you change the class name. The number only updates by going to the page the symbol is on and double-clicking to open up that specific symbol for editing. After double-clicking the accurate # for pages using the class is shown.

I will let the team know if this is accurate or a simple bug! Thanks for sharing.

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thanks. i realized i may not have been clear in my original message. this happens when you edit the class name. not sure if it was clear the way i worded it previously.

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Thanks for reporting this, @dapitts08! Investigating now. I’m a little confused about the process you’re following to see this error.

Would you be able to use a tool like Cloud App to provide me with a short video of what you’re seeing?

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