Indexable Links to each FAQ item?

hi, I built an FAQ after following a YT video for some extended time… (speaks to my level!)

I’d like each fo the FAQ items to have a dedicated link that can be shared, backlined or indexed. Tried adding a Link Block but it didn’t behave as expected.

Suspect I need to add a slug to the FAQ CMS at a minimum, but are there any other tips? a tutorial someone could share?

First time poster.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Peree)

(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Do you mean a link TO the FAQ item itself that can be shared?
The easiest way to do that is to use the FAQ collection page.

Then you can link to an individual FAQ ( plus a whole bunch of extra info ) at e.g.;

If you’re trying to link to something else inside of the FAQ, then you’d add a link field to your FAQs CMS, and bind it to a link inside of your FAQ-ANSWER div.

Or, you can just put links inside of your current FAQ answer text- it’s already a rich text element.

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thank you - super helpful.

there is a slug in the FAQs CMS already, e.g. Peree however clicking that goes no where. ?

Unsure what you mean exactly, a slug is not a link by itself.
However the link you sent is to a faq collection page like I suggested and you can see content there.

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