Independent audio loops

hello everybody, hope you’re doing well!

is it possible to create an audio loop that is always running and does not have to be started manually by the site-vistor, via a play-button for example? my goal is to simulate a live-radio-situation, where there is an audio-signal, one that is of very long duration, lets say 3 days long, and this audio-signal should always be looping. so when you enter the site and click on a play-button (or lets say “live”-button), you will be at the exact spot where the loop is playing right now, and not be able to skip.

the idea is, that any time you enter the site, you will hear something different, just like in a live-radio-setting. obviusly there will be repetition at some point, but the longer the loop is, the more unlikely it is, that one recognizes it.

my long term goal is to have not only one, but several of these audio-loop-features on one page, that all have a different duration time. one should be able to visit the site and select the different “live-buttons” independently, and let them play individually or even all together. like a live-audio-mixing in a web browser. i imagine using different ambient sounds, which you can mix togehter, just like you enjoy it, but everytime you visit the site, the sounds are different.

is this possible, or am i talking bulls?

hope i articulated everything right, not a native speaker.

thanks in advance!
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If you live stream your radio station playing a three day show it could work. There are tools to do it but the price might be out of reach.

hey jeff, thanks for your reply!

but i’m not talking about really hosting a live environment, i just want ongoing loops, which the visitor can not start or rewind/fast forward, but only sync in.

i found a website, that actually comes pretty close to what i imagine.
two different sounds, that you can listen to together or individually, and even “mix” them via volume, without having influence on their playing:

Serving a large MP3 is not a live stream. Live streaming requires a streaming server and a live stream source. You could automate the source to play recorded sequences over time. Something like Wowza media servers could be used. The thing that can really drive costs is the number of streamers listening to the stream. But the benefits of a stream are a fixed start point in time. Users catch it at whatever point they join. I built a rather large deployment some years back (video and audio). Was lots of fun. If you have a budget we could explore options. Cheers.