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Increasing size of image on click

Rather than use lightbox, is there a quick way to make single images increase in size on clicking on them. My images are being pulled in from a cms collection.

Any suggestions welcome.

hi @pauloram you can do this with custom JS.

would you share the script?

hi @pauloram each script is different and because your description is let say very broad it is for me impossible to help as I’m not a wizard. :wink:

If you do not have any JS knowledge you can use modal instead. I have one [example] ( deleted as not need any more) I can share so you can have an idea what I mean with modal. Be aware that is not finished product but only example.

Ah yes, Ive used modal in the past.

I dropped a lightbox in over the top of a background image, deleted the lightbox ‘image’ from it and linked both to my collection image. Works perfectly. A lot simpler than I imagined.

Nice example - appropriate content for me as Ive just bought a greenhouse for the garden. :grinning: thanks for responding to my post, much appreciated.

nice solution @pauloram , if you do not have further question feel free to close your request.