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Increasing box height makes my background image disappear

Hello all.
My issue is when I am editing my home page header for Mobile.
I have a header container that has a BACKGROUND image plus a LINEAR GRADIENT on top. I want to make the container a bit deeper to look better but when I change the Min Height (from 50pw to 60pw) and then preview on my mobile, my image disappears. Can’t see any obvious problems as to why this would happen. I’m hoping there’s something obvious I’m missing.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Sherson Mechanics
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Hello Rochelle,

I had a chance to look at it and everything seems to be working correctly. I am assuming you found a solution?

Hey Noah-R. Thanks for looking into this so quickly.
When I preview it on my mobile, the image is still missing. See my mobile screenshot attached. There’s just the blue linear gradient… no BMW image.176173867_305309467635124_9006426545822149882_n|236x500

I’ve just heard from my sister that the BMW image is showing on her mobile so… not sure. Maybe something to do with my phone/my Chrome?

Try opening it in incognito mode on your mobile browser and check if the bg-image shows up for you.

No - good idea but still not showing.