Incorrect Site Title in Google Result

Hello! One of our employees was googling a recent blog we posted, and took this screenshot of the Google result. The title tag is our old company name, Search Discovery, and we rebranded in November 2023, to Further. I have checked the CMS titles everywhere I can think of, but obviously, it’s set somewhere as the old name. Anyone have any ideas of where I could look and get this fixed?

Here is my site Read-Only:

We always recommend searching the forum before posting if you did not.

Here is one I already answered. Google Shows Wrong SEO Meta Title and Description

I understand that the issue has already been addressed in another discussion, but for someone like me who landed on this page first, the short answer is that

> Google didn’t like the title you submitted and decided to create a title that it considers more relevant.

The same thing can happen with the page description.

To address this, try changing the title or description based on what Google has chosen and make it similar. Then, wait for some time for Google to rescan the site.