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Incorrect Lightbox caption


I just realised that when u activate a Light Box gallery and view the images that on occasion the Caption will display incorrect text, like text from a different image.

This for me seems to occur most frequently when cycling through a set of images and coming across 1 or 2 images with incorrect captions, yet if you start the gallery viewing with that same ‘incorrect’ image it displays fine. Weird.

Have a look at the screen cast i recorded showcasing this issue.

This linkbox image:

Should have a caption Client: Comdain Homes
For some reason when starting the gallery slideshow by clicking on some other image and cycling through the images and when you get to this one it says Client: Jovand Homes which is incorrect.
But when you start the gallery slideshow by clicking on this linkbox image first it shows the correct caption.

Any ideas why this could be happening??

Link to said page on site.

Lightbox settings:

Actual caption:

Hi @Amreet_Gill this is really strange. I’m taking a closer look at this right now. As soon as I know more, I’ll post updates here.

hi @thewonglv

i recently made some changes today to the layout of this page and i noticed that the lightbox thumbnails are for some reason showing duplicates of some of the images, as per the screenshot below.
Any idea why this is happening?

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