Incorrect height on video linked from CMS in a Collection Page

I can’t find an issue like this but I am trying to link in a video to a collection page but when I do, the aspect ratio for the video embed is totally wrong. But then if I manually add the video link (pasting the URL into the video block’s settings as opposed to pulling the URL from the CMS), my aspect ratio is correct. The video URL is exactly the same for both items - one is just housed in a CMS video fiekd. What am I missing here?

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]

It actually looks like I figured it out.

For some reason, videos linked in from the CMS have a padding-top: 75% set to them hardcoded into the HMTL. But video blocks with the URL added directly to them have padding-top: 56.17021276595745%; which seems to do the trick.

I just added a link of code to my page CSS to correct it that overrides the padding-top on .w-video classes. Does anyone know why this is this way?

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Hey @addisongabe! I just noticed the same issue on my project, but wasn’t able to fix with the override (the 75% padding-top actually overrides my code).

Super weird that’s happening. Would be really curious to know also why this happens and how to fix this.

And this is still not fixed. Jesus F Christ.

Think I am having the same issue. Calling in videos from the CMS onto a collection template page… the videos are all garbage size, and this “magic” ratio Webflow has by default… is junk.