Incorrect format on links producing typos


I keep running into a formatting issue that webflow creates: links often grab an extra space to the left, which produces many typos on our site.

The links are fine in google docs, but webflow seems to do this often. I’ve attached screenshots of the content in GDocs vs. how it looks on webflow. This happens on any page: collections and regular pages. I have to then painstakingly go in and edit the link.

How it looks on Google Docs

How it looks on the site:
Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 12.38.30 PM

Can we fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Notabene

How are you importing the content from GDocs into Webflow?
If you are just doing copy-paste, than you might try using a different browser, or possibly even different clipboard software.

I do a lot of my editorial work in GDocs and I’ve never seen this issue on Windows Chrome, native Windows clipboard - but I see it a lot if I copy text from another website.

I copy-paste directly from GDocs to Webflow on Google Chrome. Should I use Brave Browser to copy and paste from GDocs instead? Is there any other way to import content than copy-paste?

Same as I typically do, and I don’t see that issue, so I suspect it may have something to do the formatting of your source content, or possibly even the formatting of the RTE you’re pasting into.

I’d probably try doing this with an unformatted Google Doc, and an unformatted RTE, and then see if you get the same effect.

Also I’d double-check the link creation to make certain you get just the right characters, and don’t have any spaces selected during the link create. It’s possible Google Docs visualizes this in a friendly way, but that the underlying link is imperfect, e.g.

My data<a href="#">Here's my link</a> is great.

When showing this, the Google Docs editor might show a space after data even though there isn’t one.

Sure you can try it, see if you get a different experience with the same content.

The API is the main one used for production workflows. Write your article, click a button, and the system creates your article content in the CMS.

CSV import is often used for initial data loads into the CMS.

Ok, thank you, Michael. I will try out the API function.