Incorrect colours on the published site

I have a strange colour discrepancy.

My saved colour patch looks fine in Webflow designer view, however on the published website the colour is noticeably lighter.

The problem is made worse as .SVG’s that use the same RGB values remain correct on the published website, which makes me think this might be a Webflow issue?

Anyone else come across this before?

Hey @RugbyWebDesign,

Could you please share with us the published site and a read-only link to the project?

Hi, @RugbyWebDesign!

Thanks for posting this as this definitely is odd behavior.

I was able to check with our engineers, and it looks that you have come across a known bug where the color in HSLA is not rendering as expected.

They are actively working on a fix at the moment, though I do not yet have a timeline on when it will be pushed live. I’ll definitely let you know here in this thread as soon as possible :bowing_man:

I would love this fixed as well. This happened to me a few times.

Happens to me a lot too! I will export my designs from SketchApp and go into Webflow and punch in the hex codes and they are much more dull and don’t match.

tbh I think that’s some different issue. Perhaps you colour profile in Sketch differs from the one used in browser?

This is definitely happening to me too. Specially noticeable beacuse I’m using the colour as a background. Would love to see a fix also! @mistercreate

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