Inconvienent manual export. Unable to CTRL+A in export code box. Unable to Copy

Usually in text or rich text fields I can hit CTRL+A to only select text inside the box, for example right here is where I hit CRTL+A:

I must find easy way to ‘CTRL+A’ the code export box but its not working :(:


And When I manually select unable to COPY my selection. :frowning:

I cant be waiting 2-3 minutes to process each export for edit. Please allow easy copy and export Only 1 of following option

  1. Export HTML (include/exclude)
  2. Export CSS (include/exclude)
  3. Export JS (include/exclude)
  4. Export Assets (include/exclude)

! only need to export JS in this instance, not assets!


Hi @miekwave

Thanks for posting about this.

Having the ability to export just one part of your site (i.e. JS files only, or CSS only) would be an awesome feature to have. We have an open enhancement request internally for this along with the ability to use CMD+A on the code in this modal.

I don’t have an exact time frame as to when these updates will be made, but they are definitely on our road map. :bowing_man:

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