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Including your design firm's link in client footers: Best Practice or Tacky?

I’m curious to hear what this community thinks about the practice of including a link to your web design agency’s site in client footers. For example, in a client’s footer you might include “Web Design by” in small text.

Is this a best practice to earn SEO points? Is it tacky? Do you have SEO concerns about your agency’s links being included in an “unlikely” link neighborhood.

Tell me what you think!

I personally think it’s not a bad idea as long as the client endorses it. "Relative Deep-back links are usually helpful for SEO so I would imagine that there is nothing but positive SEO from this practice.

  • Scott
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I always forget to do this but I want to. When cross site copy/paste becomes a reality, I’ll make a slick button with some cool hover effects and put it on all my sites as long as the client signs off. If it looks cool and doesn’t detract from the site design, why not?


I believe that the designer responsible for the site should have the ability to include their company link as it demonstrates a symbiotic relationship.

Not only does it show that there is a confident connection between both parties (designer and client), but it also can allow visitors who may be interested in future web design services to connect with the designer whom the client trusts.

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