Include versions of JS dependencies


when exporting Webflow’s generated JS code, it will embed all libraries used in webflow.js. I can live with that. For compliance reasons though, I would need to know which versions of each library webflow actually uses, and I have not found a way to do that.
So for example instead of (line taken from webflow.js)

  // node_modules/lodash/toFinite.js

I would need something along the lines of

// node_modules/lodash/toFinite.js 4.17.21

Any way to get this done? Or can I find the information of dependency versions of the webflow js library anywhere else?

Or even better, is the

 * Webflow: Front-end site library
 * @license MIT

opensourced somewhere and I can take a look at the build itself? I have not found anything in that regard though.