Include true/false Switch values in Custom Attributes

I’d like to see the ability to use true/false Switch values in Custom Attribute options. An example use would be Conditional Visibility by CSS data attribute values. I’m guessing this would be an easy add for Webflow.

Hi there! I noticed you have a suggestion for Webflow. I just wanted to let you know that Webflow keeps a wishlist where you can check for similar feedback or submit new ideas. While they may not always respond as quickly as we’d like, the wishlist is the best place to share your thoughts directly with their team.

If your idea isn’t on there yet, I’d encourage you to add it!

Here’s the link:

Sharing your feedback helps Webflow understand what features are important to users like you. Even if it takes some time, adding your voice to the wishlist helps get your idea on their radar. Hopefully by working together we can help make Webflow even better. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Glenn, I just ran into this yesterday- if you find or make a wishlist item, share it here, I’ll add my vote.