Include string from a RESTful API

Hi folks,

I discoverd a cool startup ( that allows people the use Google sheets to create a RESTful API out of it.

Per example, here is the static code that Webflow is rendering for my button:

<div class="w-clearfix div-btn">
<a href="#" id="splashy-button" class="button">I'm here to help &nbsp; &gt;</a></div>

All cool at that point.

My GET response is (from

{"key-id":"2-paragraph","value":"My name is Jenny Stamper. I help the Underwood family to get what he needs when the stakes are high. The good news is ... I can do it for you too.\n\nQuiet, cold, and calculating, I'm a vital element in any political machine. My talents for discretion allow me to be ruthlessly efficient. Thank me later."},
{"key-id":"3-button-label","value":"I'm here to help   \u003e"},

My question is:
How do I include the dynamic value in my webflow code ?

How should I write the notation in my HTML file to includ this data:
{β€œkey-id”:β€œ3-button-label”,β€œvalue”:β€œI’m here to help \u003e”}

Many thanks in advance !

β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”

From my google spreadsheet

from the HTML webflow rendered

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I find your request a bit unclear. Do you manage to use their API to get column data with custom code inside Webflow ?

If you do what part is missing?

Andreas, thanks for asking.
No I don’t expect to do this within WebFlow.

I expect to modify the code that was rendered by webflow.

I need to know how to parse the data from the Restfull response.

Thanks again !

Hi Pascal

Did you find a solution to your problem?