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Include CMS page data in checkout for client-specific products

Hi Webflow peeps!

Longtime lurker, first time poster. Here’s my question:

We are a video production company that creates CMS pages for clients to view their finished videos. It’s nothing major, but these little “client galleries” are a lot more personal than just slapping a Vimeo link in an email and calling it a day.

We are integrating an ecommerce feature where clients can order USB drives and M-Disks of their videos. What I’m trying to do is track which CMS collection page a given customer is coming from so that we know what project to burn to a disk and send them. Is there any way to associate a page or collection ID with a transaction so that we know what project each order is for?

Currently we just have a link in the CMS page template that leads to a generic checkout item that says “USB drive.” Trying to associate the CMS page with the transaction. Hope that makes sense.


  • Daniel O