Inc – Blog - How to edit right size hamburger menu?

Hi @daniel_cleayweb - great template / thxs

I’ve bought this template, and am having trouble finding where to edit the top far right corner hamburger Menu

Here it is in preview mode / webflow

Usually, my brain would tell me its hidden element and you just have to select the element and un-hide it by moving it from NONE [ eye icon ] and making it an inline block or something…thus seeing it and thus being able to edit its visuals and layout / copy… but no joy ;(

any tips would be super

Q 2: the page GUIDE, is this just a content-flow for the template so it knows what type of rich media elements it can bring in ? if so, Don’t touch it right? lol

thxs D

If you select the menu button and go into the second tab (settings) you’ll see an open menu button. Click this to open the hamburger menu and style the items.

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for getting the Inc template :smiley:

Ok so for the hamburger menu, it’s actually a background image, select the burger menu and then look at background image :smiley: then just change image from there.

As for q2, yes they have all been styled, but it’s totally up to you if you want to change them😉

I’m out in the city, on my phone, so if you need more help please reach out :smiley: and we can always do a Skype call if needed.

Cheers Daniel

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@daniel_cleayweb > Are you the designer / owner of the Inc CMS template? If so, I’m stuck on what may be a bug ;(

It seems as if the CMS Blog post Dynamic list is holding and hiding an old post. I can’t get into it by visually clicking on the object in the Editor, nor in the Navigator panel working my way down from Parent to child objects.

The Dynamic list seems to hold the post [ Color Emotion Guide - Nov 4th ] but if I try to select it, the first one I can get to is the one below it Nov 10


any tips / help? thxs

Hi Ryan,

Yes i’m the designer of the theme :slight_smile:
I’m sorry you are having problems, I’m happy to jump on a skype call? or maybe you can share with me Webflow Share Link?