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INACTIVE Site - please help 2

Guys, same error as DavidJ. I have a free Webflow account. Only one site created and published. I log in to edit the site and it says INACTIVE, upgrade to edit.


Yes, using the same thing in a web design class and our whole class can no longer access their sites. What gives webflow??

So sorry @Devin1 and @acedgar4 there’s a glitch in the system and we’re working on it now.

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Hi guys, everything should be fixed now - let us know if there are anymore issues. Sorry about that! We’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again by not rushing fixes. Seems like when we fixed INACTIVE Site - please help we broke all sites for people that were on free and never upgraded.

Just checked mine. Now it shows as published, I can access it and can also save changes. Appears to be fixed. Thank you very much!