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Inactivate link in «Current» status

Is there any way to make navigation link in current status inactive/unclickable?

I can change the font style/color of the link and change the cursor from hand to pointer or text selector, but it will stay clickable anyway.

Thank you.

Already requested:

You requested a different feature – to add “current state” item in the states menu.

But I am looking for a way to make links in navigation menu on my website unclickable when they are in current status.

Link in current status should be just a text, not a link. Now I can only make them LOOK as a text with Styles, but they will stay links and will be clickable anyway.

Is there any way to do that?

Doesn’t just changing the cursor to “default” do the job? Otherwise, the link in current status points to itself, so it is actually inclickable.

No, because the link will stay clickable anyway – if you click it, it will reload the current page.

Yes, you are correct. I’ve also wondered about this at times. I even think reloading makes the page blink in some cases. I hope the Webflow guys would elaborate on this.

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