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INACCURATE/OUTDATES SEO Title Tags and Meta Description

Hi there!
I have recently updated my company’s SEO Settings in Webflow and have updated their Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. I did this over 4 weeks ago and have yet to see the updates. I have searched our company “CASA OC” into a Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engine and all of them show inaccurate title tags and outdated descriptions. I have attached screenshots below to show.

Has anyone else ran into this issue and how can I resolve it? I have already worked with Webflow and have done all of their suggestions, and haven’t seen any improvement. They have stopped helping by saying that this falls outside of their workscope, so this community seems to be my only hope.

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 10.50.06 AM

Since Google represents the largest share of searchers I would start there.

Set the site up in search central if you have not, and follow the guidelines. SEO is a deep subject and there is plenty of online resources to help you on your way. Basic rule is fresh content means fresh results.

Thank you for your reply, but we have already verified our site at Google Search Central. We have also updated our A records and resubmitted our Title Tags and meta descriptions and there is no change. Is there another step we can take?

I find that social shares and links tend to speed things up. If google thinks your site is important it will index quicker. If not you will be waiting.