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In the home stretch. Time to take an extended break

To do list:

  • Finish rate cards
  • Create Contact Info section
  • Tweak responsiveness settings

This is about the point of a project where I really begin to lose interest, and it shows. I’m posting this to get feedback as well as to step back for a moment so I can come back to the site with energy and not just start buttoning things up to be “done”.

I will be honest in my feedback. I will only focus on the negative.

UX of the site: My first impression was blank. I had no idea what the site was about and as I kept scrolling was completely lost. And no, I didn’t forget to read the text… you shouldn’t expect your visitors to have to need to read a book to find out some info about you that you could have summarized in one sentence like this example: “I do website design”.

UI of the site: You kept a constant theme which was good but maybe I would try to do some more of flat colors on the site. But this is just personal preference. Other than that the UI was pretty solid and remained consistent. I would play more with the text though. It looks pretty generic.

I would also lay out the footer to be more friendly… it was very confusing on how it was layed out. You have two choices: either go traditional and do something like Webflow did where there are just vertical tabs for prices… or create something original but make sure it is easy to read and UX friendly.

Other than that… you’re good! Don’t think I didn’t like the site at all… I was focusing mostly on the negatives and not the positives. :wink::blush::grinning:

As a final suggestion in general try to unclutter the site and go flat. That is the new trend. Here is an example of my old site and my new recent site where I cleaned up all the extra clutter and focused solemnly on UX. Hopefully the examples will “inspire” you or at least give you an idea of what I am talking about. :wink:

Old Site here.

NEW Site here.

Hope this helps! :wink:

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You’re absolutely right.

I suppose I assumed that since I am only really aiming to use this as a support site to be shown to people I’ve already met and handed materials to, that I didn’t need to put information above the fold, but that is beyond bad practice and far from being the “perfect” website.

I’m amending my header to be a quick primer on the site as a whole. I will also likely add a UX element of some sort to allow folks to jump from section to section. My original vision was to have a very simple flow where the natural inclination is to just keep reading and scrolling, but the content ballooned a bit beyond that vision.

The footer isn’t actually there, yet. What you see at the bottom is just as far down as I’ve gotten so far. I need to produce more rate cards, then that will be followed by a footer.

Great feedback, though. Thank you.