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In the deep end now

Hello I am Pawns keeper of the Gamebag. The last web page I designed was over 20 years ago. I came to webflow for design tools and hosting and I have come to realize that I am out of my depths. Web development has changed so much over the years.

I founded Pawns’ Gamebag a nonprofit organization in January of 2019
I am building a web site for it, I could use some help improving on the site. Ready or not it has to be ready for visitors by 5/3/19 one week before Marcon a convention it will be supplying board games to. is the site I am building
Here is Read-Only link thingy for my site:

I could really use a hand. I have ideas of how I would like the site to look and I have been figuring it out. I am running out of time and with the style panel I use being shut off I will have to relearn a lot of the controls. I did not have the funds to hire a web designer and all I can offer at this time is web design credit on my site.

How do forms output?
Let say I make a form so visitors to my site can recommend a convention they would like Pawns’ Gamebag to go to. Can a list of already suggested conventions be added to a section above the form to cut back on repeats maybe a like icon next to each previous suggestion.

What would be the best way to tackle this part of the project?