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In page templates

is it possible to create snippets / items that are a template within themselves, so when placed on a page update when the master item is edited?

for example, a link list that updates on each page it is placed on if the master item is changed.

many thanks

Of course and thanks Cthulhu!

It’s a big part of Webflow, they’re called SYMBOLS and they have their own panel. Useful for navbars, footers and all recurrent elements. Make any structure a symbol, break the symbol link whenever.

many thanks, but if the nav bar has active styling on a link relating to that page, it will then be active in all instances across the site - can it be done so the active page link can be highlighted on individual pages?

sorry, found it! thats clever!

Yep! Our “current” class that’s added for current pages works independently of symbols. Glad you figured it out :thumbsup:

And it works in-page if you link in-page sections too!