In-page (section) linking malfunctioning - not scrolling far enough

For some reason, the in-page section linking malfunctions the first time that the link is clicked by not scrolling down to where the DIV id is specified, stopping short of the appropriate section. Interestingly, when this process is repeated and the link clicked a second time, then the page scrolls to where it should.

Take a look: Medical Gold

Click on the second link in the “Jump to Section” list.

Tips or insight are appreciated!

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I’ve had the exact same problem. Seems like it comes and goes randomly. haven’t found a reason why this happens or a solution yet…

Hey @Robbe_Nees1

Check your images and lazy load settings. If an image down the page is set to lazy load and doesn’t have a defined height, sometimes this behaviour occurs.

Try setting load to eager in the image settings to see if that helps.

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Hey Drew,

Thanks for the advice, I think this was indeed the issue!
For now it is scrolling how it should again :smiley:

It is actually pretty logical what went wrong when you think of the image loading but easily overlooked.


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Happy to help @Robbe_Nees1 :+1:

There are some methods out there to keep lazy load on images and setting defined height containers for the images, but that starts to get a bit complex if it is just a few images causing the problem. And lazy load isn’t supported in all browsers as well.