In-page-linking stopped working


I used this link to link to a specific section on my homepage. It was working great until I made some edits to my navbar design.

The links are on Chuffed, Pwani, and Gurezza’s navbar links. The idea is for the “work” link in the navbar to link back to the “chuffed” section on the homepage. “Services” should link back to the “services” section on the homepage.

Read-Only link: here.


As I’m checking right now, your links are working fine. Please update if your issue is solved or not.

Hi Abi, the nav links from those three pages (Chuffed, Pwani, and Gurezza) still don’t work. On preview, it doesn’t go anywhere, and on my published site it goes to the 404 error page.

You’ve /home in the link so it is looking for the page Home. This implementation is right if you are targeting any other page.

But for targeting the actual home page you should include your main website link. Like

Thanks for looking in to it.
I’ve tried both options of using /home#chuffed and The one you recommended links back to the top of home page. I have a feeling it has something to do with the custom code I’ve implemented on the home page.

I just found a workaround of just making the nav link go to the next project. Thanks for your help.