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In-page link scroll not aligning

Hi! The in-page linking was working perfectly, but for some reason it’s cutting off the tops of the sections in my browser now. I have no idea what I changed to make this happen. It’s working fine in preview mode and also on a different computer, but mine isn’t sitting right. It appears to be out by the same amount of pixels as the navbar.

Here is my public share link:

Hi @mimfox

What browser are you on?

I’ve tested your site in Safari, Chrome and Firefox and everything is working fine for me.

Hi Steven. Thanks for sussing it out for me. I’m in Chrome. I’ve tried it in Safari and it works there, and I tried on another computer running Chrome on Ubuntu, and it works there too. Frustrating!

What version of Chrome are you using? It works fine for me… :confused:

Have you tried to empty your browser cache?
I’ve quite often have come across a problem where published content/changes aren’t visible to my client and that has always come down to cache problems. Empty it have solved that problem.

BINGO. How ridiculous. Thanks very much.

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