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In-page link for a collection item in a collection list

I’m trying to find a way to assign an in-page link to individual team members which are part of a collection list on a page. I need to be able to give out a URL that takes a visitor directly to their profile on the page since individual collection pages aren’t used for this team member list.

Read only link:

Can you please post your Read-Only Link?

Whoops, I edited the post to include it.

@craigteel Which page are we talking about? If I am understanding correctly, you are going to have a page with all of the team members… say and they will all be in different sections…you would like to give out a url to a visitor that would link directly down to say Mike?

In your styles panel you can create an anchor link that would then give you and that would take a user directly to the section that talks about mike.


You can also take a look at this video from webflow!

Am I understanding correctly?

It’s the About page, which is the first link I provided. There is a team list on the page. Your example of giving a url to a visitor that would link directly down to Mike is correct, however since it’s a collection, adding an ID will add it to all collection items. And that obviously won’t work.

I see what you are saying and I dont think that there is a straight forward way to do this. You could put a different list in each of their own sections (with anchor links) and filter based on who you want to show by their position in the list.

Here are some other threads that might be of help to you:

I hope this helps you in some way.

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Thanks for your help, Sarah. Creating sections with filtered collection lists is at least a workaround.

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@craigteel Feel free to upvote or put a comment on this item on the Webflow Wishlist as well!

Hello, all the links that you have given do not work not one of the options will not tell you how to do and then all vague! Tell me how to set anchor for a dynamic list?