In need of help with interaction between navbar and section

Hellow webflow,

I am working on my first website ever, and I got to what I wanted in term of overall structure for the website.
This is a website for a Craft Beer Importer from France.

The idea is once you are on the site you can overview the selection of breweries that work with that importer (the little logos underneath), my idea is to load a specific page for each brewery once clicked on the logo.

At the moment I have based the structure of the section that detail each brewery following that tutorial.
As if each brewery will have a mini landing page on the Importer website.

I would like the interactions to be smooth, so when clicking, the view will pane down and center on the first paragraph showcasing the logo, the header with the name and a short description.

I have seen some tutorial on this but I fear that I will mess up my structure, or that I will have to remake it entirely (the joy of learning).

After that the other big technical point for me, will be to allow my client to update the beer section in each brewery page (the slider at the end of it) and also update the availability of the beers.

I hope that’s not too much asking…

Thank you all,

Here is my public share link: Webflow Website CBF
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