In mega menu scrolling doesn't work

Hi. Can someone help me? I made two mega menus. In responsiveness I can’t scroll the menu. If someone helps me I will appreciate very much.

I think I know what the problem is. I wanted the Navbar to travel, so I had made it fixed. But when Navbar is fixed, scroll in Navbar doesn’t work when the Mega Menu is big. I mean when the Mega menu is big, scrolling in Navbar works only when the Navbar is not fixed. How can i have Navbar travelling and at the same time scrollable?

Hello @Huseyin_Polat

You can set certain height to the Dropdown List and give overflow: auto to scroll within menu.

Thanks for replying. I did it but didn’t work.

Navbar is fixed and still scroll within dropdown

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Thank you very much. In second Dropdown I did it, my Navbar was fixed and was scrollable but not hundred percent. Maybe it is because my Laptap is 14 inch. I made it Absolute. It worked. I learnt it from you. Thank you very much for helping.