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In-line not working, what am I missing?

I have a page (about the staff) with two sections built that work fine with a slider, heading, and text box in them. I need to add a 3rd section under them. I tried cut and pasting but as soon as I change the size of the slider (smaller) instead of the text just spreading, it gets pushed under the slider. I tried building from scratch with the same effect. I cannot get the items to stack up from left to right. I must be missing something (probably simple) but I can’t spot it. Anyone willing to take a quick a look and straighten me out?

No one on this?

I doubt it’s a bug, because the other two work. Seems to me all the settings are the same, but maybe I am betting I just missed something.

Theres a whole bunch of structural issues on that page. Spacing between sections doesn’t really make sense and the whole page is inside of a wrapper which will complicate things.

I’d suggest going through this tutorial, especially the box model part and try rebuilding your page with the section>container>content model and see if that helps solve some of the issues.