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In Advanced Position D, the system don't take my value

There is a glitch in D. In the postion (advanced) it don’t save my value since few hours … It keeps the value from C. It’s NOT the first time I see this behavior in C D :-/ This time, I decided to make a video cast to show you :

Thank you !
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Letters are assign to resolution formats :

A is Defaut view
B is Tablet Portrait view
C is Mobile Landscape view
D is Mobile Portrait view

Curious, does it do this also with other units like px or is it just em?

Hey @devmtl I tried reproducing the bug, but I cannot on my end. What’s your subdomain? I want to see how you have things configured so I can pinpoint the problem.

@thesergie that’s good the know :smile:

@pingram3541 whater … px, em %


Can you please generate a troubleshooting link from the site settings area and post it here