Improving PageSpeed in Webflow

I have been gradually building up organic traffic over the past 18 months, and was at around 20K monthly organic visitors.

I knew that the Google update (in terms of pagespeed being a ranking factor) was coming, and had tried to optimize my site where possible. But it seemed like so many other huge sites (, scored quite poorly on Page Speed Insights, so I wasn’t so worried.

But initial results look quite scary. My traffic is down by 30-50%.

Help. Here is an example blog post.

This is a cms page with a rich text block.

From page insights there are several webflow elements slowing down the page load.

I also can’t see how to edit the settings of any of the elements (e.g images, YouTube embed) within the rich text block.

Does anyone have any advice on this?


That is because there isn’t. Webflow uses Embedly for the paste and go integrations in the RTE, as such they are black boxed.

You could alternately explore using custom code embeds which could give your more control. All depends on what you are loading.

Can you be certain that your percentage drop is completely due to page speed or is it possible google tweaked other algorithms which could also be affecting your traffic?

Ah ok. I had seen the Embedly JS there, but wasn’t sure where that was coming from. Thanks fro the clarification.

No, I can’t be sure. But I know that page speed becoming a ranking factor was the most talked about part of this algorithm update, so I assumed it must be that.

In any case, this page loads relatively slowly (as per Google Page Insights), and I am a little lost on how to further optimize it.

I understand. I ran a lighthouse report in Chrome and it did say 1.2 seconds load time could be saved by optimizing images. I know this doesn’t solve the issue but it may help a little.

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We’ve been trying for over a week to improve Pagespeed with our website agency, but with no success. We are still as low as 33 in performance and they can’t find anything else to improve.
The only tracking we are using on the website is GTM and Facebook pixel. All other necessary trackings we added through GTM and we use Zoho forms integration as it is our CRM.
The agency can’t find anything about CDN and other things that are loading.

Our website -

Uploading: Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 9.57.39 AM.png…

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Maybe improve your site size?
Your site :
Images: 5.4Mb
Js: 1.7Mb
Font : 339kb

For images optimization,

  • you can try using compression to images before uploading them to webflow.
  • or using a third-party like ImageKit or automate the image optimization with Cloudflare Images and Cloudflare worker
  • add more srcsize for small images. (using webflow embedded component or Cloudflare worker)
    (Webflow only set it from 500px to 3200px, which mean 200px width image would still load 500px width image)

Js optimization:
Try to reduce the use of webflow interaction(use gsap instead, I saw you already have it) and webflow components.
You can reduce webflow.js size from 279kb to ~21.4kb or lower.

Font optimization:
I’m not sure about Google Fonts, I believe uploading your fonts to webflow is better.
From my exp, webflow serves the minimum of font-family and font-weight if we use custom fonts.


thank you. I’ll share this with the agency

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A few pointers :slight_smile: :

  • You seem to load in a whole lot of different Google fonts, try to upload them directly through the dashboard or scale down to 1 or max 2 different fonts.

  • The background gradient in the hero section is quite big, try recreating it using a div with a gradient background in CSS instead

  • Try using deferred or asynchronous loading for any third party script that’s not crucial for the initial page load (I can see that you’re using some marketing scripts etc.) Efficiently load JavaScript with defer and async

  • Lazy-load images below the fold, I can see that quite a few of your images are set to eagerly load right now

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