Improvements to nested dropdowns?

I am trying to add one dropdown menu inside of another. I know i know… there has been a fair bit of discussion about this (and the negatives) but adding a secondary dropdown inside of a primary dropdown performs well (using a click interactions) until, that is, you actually link any of the menu items inside of the secondary dropdown. Then it behaves really inconsistently. Basically when you click on the menu link inside of the secondary dropdown it doesn’t go to the page but just closes the secondary dropdown. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Any hacks out there? I am not looking for multiple nested dropdowns… just one.

I believe the default behavior of Webflow dropdowns is to collapse all of the other dropdowns on a page when clicked… so I don’t think you’ll get this to work.

The only way you’d be able to get this to function is to make the secondary dropdown from scratch using a show/hide interaction, which will get very complicated very quickly.

It actually works quite well (as long as you use click interactions) until you actually link any of the secondary dropdown menu items (that’s when I notice the inconsistent behaviour).

Opening/closing the secondary dropdown has no impact on the primary dropdown and doesn’t force it to close. If you click on another secondary dropdown nested in the same primary dropdown, then yes, it will close the previous open secondary dropdown (but to me that is expected behaviour and works fine).

Note: On Desktop this works great when the menu items are linked… it is just on mobile.

Interesting. I had a situation some time ago where totally separate dropdowns were closing each other, so either they’ve fixed something or I was doing it wrong. I may have to look into that.

I’m not sure what the issue would be for you then. It seems weird that the links themselves aren’t functioning. The only thing that comes to mind would be maybe there some issue of how they are staking on top of each other and that the link is somehow below the menu item. Do you have the links set up to fill their parent container?

Maybe sharing a preview link would help.

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