Improvements to Navigator: Allow for full scroll and view of nested structures and classes


its horrible to work with this kind of navigator menu. is its possible to edit the width.

Thanks Toby

Looking at that, yes it can be annoying. However you can just use the arrow keys or [alt]+Arrows to move within the elements.

Arrows = Main element and children
[ALT]+Arrow = Main elements


Hm. I want to see my text. If i want to mark my elements i click on it with my mouse or on the navigation path at the bottom. But thanks for your help.

It IS a bug. There is supposed to be a horizontal scroll bar.

This has been reported more than a month ago, but WF don’t seem to be able to do anything about it. They neither have fixed it nor have they provided any updates. Disappointing.

In fact, this issue goes as far back as Summer 2015

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Yes Thanks. It’s a bug. There is a horizontal scrollbar, but you must search this. Grrrrrr.

Hi @Toby

Are you able to use the horizontal scroll bar in the Navigator?

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.

HI @spirelli, there is an open issue for scrolling horizontally in symbols, but the regular horizontal scroll should work using the middle mouse wheel or trackpad/apple mouse.

I think the issue reported here is different. @Toby, could you help to share the link to your site that is having the issue?

Have you tried to use the middle mouse wheel/trackpad work when you put the mouse over the navigator and slide left to show the rest of the contents? Are you able to scroll currently or no?

Also, could you confirm what operating system you are using and what browser?

I have the same problem. No horizontal scrollbar. The best way i think is, that the user can change the width of the navigator window or undock this menu to a free draggable window?

Hi @Toby, could you please help to share the read-only link to your site? If you do not wish to share that publicly, you can send that to

Thanks in advance!


OK. I send you a link to the

There a just many classes in this project because we relaunch our site and there also old classes from the old website structure. :slight_smile:

But i think you can check the menu and will see what i mean.


Hi @Toby,

Thanks so much, the support team will be in contact, thanks again for helping with the info.

Hi Toby, when I use the middle mouse wheel, I am able to scroll the navigator horizontally, but it is true, it is hard to see long class names and deeply nested structures with the current feature set on the navigator.

See my quick video:

I checked on this and the team is planning the navigator improvements now, including better management of deep nested structure. As soon as new updates are released, it will be announced on the updates page.

One thing that you might do now until this feature is updated, is to check your class name from the style panel after selecting the deeply nested element.

I hope this helps, I can totally understand the navigator could use this improvement.

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