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hi there,

I am looking for some assistance with Google SEO in a specific page and for a specific purpose on our website.

Our website contains an “Our People” section where it lists, shows a picture, and a short bio of some of the key staff within the company. You can see that specific section here:

The problem we are having is that when we search any of these staff names (e.g: Fiona Sham), we would like her image and/or bio to show up as one of the main google search result options (either for web or image search), however, we find that our website does not even show up in most searches or it’s very far back in the search (past page 5 or something.)

I am not super knowledgeable in the SEO field so i was hoping someone kind enough would be able to give me some pointers or suggestions as to how i could make this possible or what is missing for this to happen?

Thank you for your time. All help is very much appreciated.


Hello @Rosaura,

The first thing I would advice you to do is to check the videos on SEO at webflow university After you do all the things advised on the videos, try to generate some organic or paid traffic to your website. Maybe from social media. I would add each member bio on social media posts. Traffic from social media benefits your rankings specially if your pictures have the tags that your user is looking for (e.g: Fiaona Sham).