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Improve Selector management by transferring Parent properties to child selectors

Current Experience

When site grows as your building it out, the Class Selectors too will shape out and morph differently as more and more elements are added and the composition of your site is refined. One selector may start with a number of properties but after a number of iterations the selector and child selectors will carry your properties out in better structure. After using Webflow awhile I felt that something could be improved to streamline this necessary process in your site creation.


What I propose is to give properties that are cascaded down from a parent selector the ability to transfer into the current child selector as the main holder of the property setting. How so?

When a property is determined by a parent, its label is Orange in the styles panel. If you click on that label, a popup appears telling you that the current property is inherited by the Parent. In this popup I would like to have a button offering me the ability to transfer this property out of the parent selector and into the current child.

When this happens, I can expect that elements with only the parent selector activated will change and therefore allow me to define my class structure in a more meaningful way because it will give users a speedier management mechanism to work with their classes.

Hi @rvela, thanks for your feedback! Currently when you set a value on a property that is the SAME as the parent selector cascaded value (so the same value as the Orange value), it automatically jumps back to the orange value. In other words right now you can’t have the same value set as the parent selector. If you can do this would it give you the flexibility you’re thinking about?

Hi @thesergie To answer your question, Yes but not quite. My suggestion is more automated in that while you copy the value from the Parent Selector, you also set the Parent Selector’s value for that property to Default / Auto, in other words, Null. The user is able to literally transfer out the setting to the child selector not just copy it. I think this is extremely useful because it assists with the evolution of your classes. It’s about organization.

There is some benefit to simply being able to copy the Parent’s orange value with the same value, and then going manually going to the Parent selector and making necessary changes, but on the flip side, this type of usage could also lead to some confusion because the user will find himself asking more and more, “where my value coming from?”. I personally think its very useful to see the orange value and not be able to overwrite it because it helps me to maintain the structure in my composition. If I am able to overwrite it, I still have to follow the same steps I’m doing today and going back to the parent and modifying it. That’s where my idea gives you a sense of more automated functionality and contribute to user organization, not so much about transferring property values.

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