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Improve performance when using Recaptcha


I’ve just setup Recpatcha on my webflow site, and after checking out pagespeed insights, I’m a bit horrified at the results.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to load the recaptcha js myself once users start click around in the form. Webflow currently adds a script tag that loads recpatcha automatically, and doesn’t allow me to disable this / prevent them from forcing this load.

Is there any way we could add a toggle that would allow us to customize whether or not we would like recaptcha to be loaded automatically? There are several pages with no forms at all, so this feature would be especially useful to remove this unneeded load on this page. This could significantly help to improve pagespeed on a lot of sites.


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No, not within Webflow as ReCaptcha is an all or nothing affair when using that built in feature. You could opt to use a third party form processor that allows for ReCaptcha on a form by form basis like

Got it! Thanks. Do you know how I could request a feature that would allow this? It would make a big difference for site load time.

The Wishlist is what Weblow recommends. See