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Improve Pagespeed Insights


I’m looking at ways to improve my rating on Google PageSpeed Insights. Does anyone know how “Reduce unused JavaScript” and “Eliminate render-blocking resource” specifically for mobile

This is the ULR for the PageSpeed Insight for - PageSpeed Insights

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Hi @Jenny_C

I would suggest to start by removing unused styles, it should make a difference

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I would also suggest replacing your Hero Grid section background by a lower quality image, since that image alone represent 4mb (the total page transfer 5.4mb, and 7.4mb of resources)

@Yaca thank you for your reply! I did what you suggested but my rating is still high

I tested using Gtmetrix, your score is good on that benchmark

But, I’ve found one file that report an error related to stripe

Also, you have 18 font files, I don’t know its impact or exactly how to resolve that, but it could be a start.

Maybe someone else could give better indication for that, but I would try setting fonts parameters to “all H2”, “all paragraph”, etc. instead of individual class, using inheriting in the left panel.

Overall, my goal would be to make the code as light as possible by leveraging inheritance as much as possible and removing unnecessary parameters, not just fonts. It will reduce the total lines of codes and should make it easier to interpret for browsers

Then again, maybe someone as better experience in that regard

These are all really go things to know, thank you!

The error related to stripe I do not have a clue how to fix that.

For the fonts that’s good to know for a future project! I will continue to try to clean that up to reduce the number of classes.