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Impressive Website by Nick Jones

I’m sure many of you have already seen this site, since it was recently nominated for an Awwwards SOTD. However, for those that haven’t…it is simply too good not to share.

WARNING: Do not proceed if you suffer from vertigo or if you find experimental interfaces offensive.

Check out Nick Jones’ site here:

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I’m a fan of experimentation.

I’m not a fan of scroll jacking.



Yeah, I tend to agree with you…but it’s still a fun experience. I wouldn’t recommend it for anything other than for showcasing your creative talent. In this case, I think Nick has succeeded. But, that’s just me. I’d be interested to hear other reactions from the Webflow community.

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Once the nausea passes I may leave my thoughts…

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It’s really creative and unique, this isn’t the kind of website that funnels leads, but it is a great example of his creative talent as a designer.

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@Scott_Van_Zandt Actually the very thing it does is funnel :stuck_out_tongue:
And when your at the level of Nick Jones leads probably come to you a little more than the average designer

Actually no. :smile:

What it does is bounce most people without a design background off of the website. Just looking at the metrics now. 86% Bounce Rate on average. Not to say he doesn’t get leads, I am sure he doesn’t even really need this funnel with a word of mouth client base.

Actually no.
When you only have 1 page most of the traffic get counted as a bounce so that data is irrelevant.

Notice the daily page view of 1:00?

Why on earth would having only 1 page show most traffic as a bounce? It only effects the page view count.
The bounce rate is only changed when someone “bounces from the page”

As long as someone doesn’t bounce…it should be accurate. Some of the sites I have built where I am required to demonstrate moving the needle and changing metrics are 1 pagers with great bounce rates.

Well then please explain the data that you put forth?

On your personal site where are they going if they don’t bounce? Are they just keeping the tab open?

Yeah… I mean a bounce isn’t counted unless you leave the page you came to without interacting with it within a certain number of seconds. SO… on a 1 page site if someone comes and stays on it, it’ll show that person staying on 1 page for an extended ammount of time, it won’t just turn into a bounce rate.

Interesting discussion, on first glance I loved it (I visited it initially on phone and it works beautifully on there, perhaps better than desktop as the scroll hijacking doesn’t feel as intrusive), I think it’s a great example of how to use your personal website (which can often become a minimal, un-designed ‘container’ of your work) into something interesting and exciting.

But… and it’s a big but… I personally feel designers should use their personal sites to truly hero the work they have done and the process they went through to create their work. Looking at Nick’s site I feel the work gets a little lost, and there isn’t much explanation of the process he went through in the projects. That would be my main criticism of it :smiley:

Still, site looks gorgeous and it’s cool to see these kind of discussions on the forum :webflow_heart:

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I haven’t seen this site before, but I really like it! It is original and extraordinary!

Original and pretty, but not for me.