Impossible to override headings line-height

I’m trying to change the default headings line-height from 44px to 1.5

  • I set up the default line-height in the “Body (All Pages)” style to 1.5
  • The designer’s UI shows that this value trickles down to “All H1 Headings” just fine (orange color).
  • This value also appears to trickle down to any of my own H1 elements (again in orange).

However, the page, both in the designer and published site, has a line-height that remains stuck at 44px. The browser’s inspector shows that the h1 element has a line-height of 44px that is set AFTER the body, so obviously it takes over the body styling. This is in spite of the designer’s UI showing that the line-height for “All H1 Headings” is 1.5. Nowhere do I see 44px in the UI.

Worst of all, I can’t override the 1.5 line-height just for “All H1 Headings” because the UI thinks I’m being redundant.

Looks like a blatant bug to me, and pretty disappointing. Is there no way of removing this forced styling and start from a more neutral (less-opinionated) styling sheet?


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