Impossible to copy/paste 'info' in CMS editor

It’s impossible to copy paste info from CMS editor.

How to reproduce error:

  1. Open CMS Page Editor
  2. Copy paste text from description (right click or ctrl+c)
  3. Paste description - nothing happens


  1. Select text to be copied
  2. Select ‘Search google’
  3. Copy text from google

Use case:

  1. Star reviewer editor needs to be able to easily insert ★★★★★ in applicable field
    see screenshot.

Chrome - Latest Version (as of August 2018)
Windows 10 Home - Latest Version (as of August 2018)

Hi @miekwave

Thanks for posting about this.

Can you clarify a bit about what you are copying/pasting?

If you are copying the content from the CMS UI itself, it is expected behavior that this will not copy/paste.

Or are you copying from another application with formatting?

​Thanks in advance!

I am handing this off. In this instance I built a review module component where the editor can easy insert Stars with instructions to only insert:


I must get cms editor to easy copy paste (there are other Tips I put for other relevant fields for easy copy paste but unable to use copy paste)

Hi @miekwave

Thanks for clarifying that.

As far as I know this expected behavior that you can’t copy/paste from the collection field description.

To be sure, though, I’ve double checked with our product team to see what the expected behavior here is. I’ll be sure to post back here when I have more information.

In the mean time, you may consider setting up a Google doc, or something similar, with these star characters from which your client can copy/paste.


I spoke with the team and this is expected behavior. However, one recomendation the team meade was to use the option field rather than a plain text field. This way your client won’t need to copy/paste.


Thank you for suggestion @Brando

In most use cases a picklist will make more sense for static variables. However there are still instances where picklist wont work where

“Static content about {variable}”
“{variable} is static content.”
“Static content is what {variable} is about”

where easy copy paste will fit the bill better

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