Importing zip from Spline

Hi there.

I have a packaged zip file after exporting from Spline that includes index.html, package.json & src folder.

I am pretty new to web dev and I was hoping someone could guide me in the direction of a tutorial/guide that shows me how to import it.

I’m sure its possible as I asked in the Spline discord but I had trouble understanding his basic instructions and thought I would ask here instead of annoying that guy even more.
These were his instructions - Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Thanks in advance!

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Webflow does not provide hosting of additional CSS, or custom JSON, or the importing of HTML. You can embed HTML in a custom code embed, and you can externally host the CSS or add it to the embed. This is not a beginner subject and exactly how to do it depends on your assets. I usually work out the details in a codepen.

The process on Webflow is pretty much the same for any custom code implementation.